At Ullens School we respect individual differences and interests. We offer a safe and happy learning environment. Our teachers combine gentleness with justice and maintain high standards of ethical behavior as well as intellectual achievement.

We encourage children to think for themselves by pursuing their intellectual curiosity and creativity. We guide students as they develop their own ideas and seek creative solutions to problems. Our teachers nurture critical thinking by encouraging students to work without fear, ask questions, analyze, and draw logical conclusions.

Ullens treats children from all cultures, race and ethnic background with respect and dignity. Children learn to value diversity and recognize the importance of social equality. The atmosphere at Ullens School helps students learn self-respect and respect for others. Self-discipline grows as students come to believe ‘I am capable’,  ‘I am needed’, and ‘I can influence what happens to me’. 

In fostering self-discovery, we seek to develop a child’s intellectual and social skills equally. Our aim is to empower children to become responsible and capable adults.

Parent Involvement

We strive to create close ties between families and the school because parent involvement is an essential part of a child’s education. Regular parent-teacher conferences and programs based on curricular activities keep parents connected to school life. We encourage parents to volunteer as chaperones and guides for field trips, to share their knowledge and expertise, to engage with the school as class representatives, and to volunteer in the school’s Action Team for Partnership committee.

We also provide special training programs for parents on child development and parenting skills. We want to provide parents with the tools to support their children academically, emotionally, and socially.

Ullens School is a co-educational non-profit institution. The school is non-residential. We believe that children deserve to live with their parents and remain connected with their family circle and, yet be able to get best education.

Our website carries regular updates on student activities and the school sends a quarterly newsletter to parents to keep them up to date on school programs.