Ullens School celebrates Constitution Day 2017!

19 September, 2017

September 19, 2017| Lalitpur

Ullens marked the Annual Constitution Day this year with a “Mock Parliament Election” which was held to make the students through grade 6-8 to understand the process that is undergone to hold an election to decide the leaders of a nation. The “Mock Parliament Election” was organized by grade 8 students in which grade 6 and 7 students participated. Everything from the basics like building a ballot box, election debate, waiting in a queue before casting one’s vote, importance of holding an identity card, the way of casting the vote on the voting paper, the roles of various people involved in the election to the vote counting was exhibited by the students in the mock election. This was a wonderful experience for the students as everyone eagerly participated in the election.

This was followed by an interaction program for the students conducted by Mr. Medin Lamichhane and Mr. Sanjay Adhikari for the students who highlighted the electoral history of Nepal and why holding elections in a peaceful fair manner is very important.