Trip to the USA

14 August, 2019

Modern cities around the world have extravagant multistoried building, sophisticated lifestyle, and lots of technological advancement. “It was a town of machinery and tall chimneys, out of which interminable serpents of smoke trailed themselves forever and ever, and never got uncoiled,” Charles Dickens describes modern cities of his time in his book Hard Times. But the situation has changed now. The experience gained by our students during their USA trip has made them think twice about the modern cities. 

It has been a complete exhilarating journey of our high school students during their 15 days visit to one of the most destined and visited places in the world––USA.  Ullens school takes students from high school for an educational visit to the United States of America (USA) every year to make students aware of the developments happening in the USA. Students also get the chance to familiarize themselves in this sophisticated and highly technological world and increase their knowledge horizon.

Our student started their visit from Columbia University; one of the most prestigious universities in the world where tour around the campus was given by our own alumni Hritesh Chandra Regmi. After that, students had the chance to go around various places for sightseeing like Central Park, Ground Zero, Wall Street, Rockefeller Centre, UN building, Empire State Building, and so on.  

The very next morning after having their breakfast, students were excited to visit the Statue of Liberty and Liberty Island. They were also lucky enough to visit Places like One World Observatory Center, Broadway and Shubert Alley, Madame Tussauds, etc. The morning after that, Students took off to reach Washington DC where they received guided city tour of Washington DC with Air and Space Museum, The White House, Lincoln Memorial, The Capitol Building, World War II memorial Building, The Pentagon, and The Washington monuments. They toured Hershey’s Chocolate factory on their way to Washington. After that, students were taken to Orlando in a two-hour flight where they had the opportunity to tour Disneyland-Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, etc.

Students also went to Visit NASA KSC where they learned many things about space. They observed the phenomenal aviation technologies of the space right in front of their eyes. During Salute to Science at NASA KSC, Students got chance to attend a private briefing to learn about important science concepts related to space exploration. They also Enjoyed a private presentation with a veteran NASA astronaut and even had lunch with him. They got engaged in a hands-on, minds-on Team Engineering Challenge. Students were greatly inspired by the leap taken by the USA in the sector of science and technology. After the visit to NASA KSC, the students were taken to Miami to explore Miami South Beach, Art Deco, and Biscayne Bay Cruise to end their trip.

Students are now back to school. This trip was swift, like a sweet dream. But they have embraced the opportunity and decorated their minds with wonderful souvenirs, which they shall forever keep in the pockets of their celebrated moments.