Salient Features

Academic Counseling Centre

Ullens School IBDP provides guidance for university admission (university selection, application, essay writing, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and other entrance examinations) through its academic counseling centre. It helps students evaluate their abilities, interests, talents and personality in order to develop realistic academic and career goals. Students are also supported to identify their subjects for further studies through interviews, counseling sessions and interest and aptitude assessment tests. The academic counseling centre also invites representatives of different universities to hold a seminar for the students and parents.


IBDP Recognition


IBDP is widely recognized in Nepal and reputed universities around the world. Most of these institutions have established exclusive recognition and extra credit policies for the IB diploma. The IB diploma is also considered of enhancing better opportunities for admission to universities worldwide with scholarships. IBDP graduates get admitted to best known universities on a regular basis and have greater acceptance rate in universities’ undergraduate programmes.




Ullens School IBDP provides counseling services to address social, emotional and behavioral needs of the students. Counseling helps students cope with stressors of teenage life and the academic demands of the programme. Counseling services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual, whereby counseling sessions help them improve their self-esteem, interpersonal and social skills, organizational and time management skills, and their ability to cope with numerous stressors. The counselors maintain high degree of confidentiality in order to create an environment for students to clearly discuss their issues.